If God doesn’t Exist, Neither does Morality

In America today there is an uptick in attacks on religion, but the vast majority of those attacks are leveled against Christianity – the religion of our nation’s founders.  The media is awash with news stories where Christianity is being pushed from the public square and placed on even footing with all religions - even Satanism.  This public pressure is led… Read more →

How Lawyers have lost their way

In the early days of our country, lawyers held a respected position in our society because they stood up for justice even in the most difficult circumstances.  John Adams, our second president, defended British soldiers after the Boston Massacre in spite of intense pressure from his countrymen because he believed that the soldiers deserved justice.  Many of the lawyers in successful Hollywood… Read more →

Social Media and the Journalistic Code of Ethics

In the past 5-10 years, the world of media has changed rapidly and greatly, thanks to the advent of social media and smart phones.  Photos, videos, and reports from live events can be quickly posted to the internet in real-time.  Many of these media postings often go viral in a matter of minutes spreading throughout the globe.  It even seems as if anyone can be a… Read more →

The Misinformation and Ignorance of the Hobby Lobby opponents

Last week, the US Supreme Court landed a 5-4 decision in favor of Hobby Lobby, allowing its exemption from the Affordable Care Acts contraception mandate.  The justices in majority ruled that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) violates their religious freedoms as rule in the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  The dissenting justices objected on the grounds that the exemption violates… Read more →

Does free speech exist anymore?

America is going through a radical transformation and modernization of ideas and morals.  Homosexual advocates are fighting for equality across the nation and the national majority has flipped from unaccepting to accepting, much like advocates for racial equality won public victory 50 years ago.  After all, it is difficult to argue with treating your fellow man with dignity and respect?  It is… Read more →

Is Christianity under attack in America? (Running thread)

Since Franklin Graham’s statement regarding Christian persecution in America was released on April 18, I’ve been wondering if there is evidence supporting his statement.  This article is not meant to offer opinions, just list out news articles that seem to support Rev. Graham’s statement.  I will continually update that list here, and would like to hear from any reader that… Read more →